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South Street Dungeon

Fear the Jonses

by The Derision Cult

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released September 20, 2016




The Derision Cult Chicago, Illinois

The Cult was born out of a poor sharecropper's collective. The plan was to start a shrimp-meets-vegan-meets-ribshack restaurant that would cater mainly to on-the-go customers at the LaGuardia Terminal 3 pre-security Check-In. All gluten free. Even the Yuengling. However, after much disdain it was determined that the point of the cult could be better expressed through albums. Because Freedom ... more

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Track Name: The Hand You're Given
Burning Inside
Their hands are tied
Kicking all the dead horses off the road out of your way

Can't be living
With the Hand You're Given
Must be somebody else's fault that I've got this life

Pushing Back
Ain't Cutting No Slack
It's other people's problems when your life's going nowhere man

All the Doubts Inside
It's just a Slower Suicide
Kill 'em with Hate when kindness is a tougher ride

Never Refuse
Doling out Abuse
Hide behind a screen it makes no difference to Me
Track Name: Say it in a Soundbyte
Call it infatuation of all the randomization
But the reality of the situation is you're totally in control
You're mind is decaying as your faculties remain continue to keep on draining common sense that we recall

And you can stream him live
or catch the news at 5
He'll likely not survive
Never felt alive
Don't know where you are?

Dig up!

Attention Spans are Maxed Out
Fair and Balanced Black Out
Say it In a Soundbyte or Say nothing at All
We'll Circle All the Wagons
Slay all the made up dragons
Feed on the carcass like maggots when you get the call

And you will pay the price
For your self inflicted vice
But we'll call it paradise
It's a simple device
Don't You know Where You Are?

Dig Up!
Track Name: Election Industrial Complex
Send them Money they'll send you Mercy
Should have told Vince that's all that he needs