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South Street Dungeon

Man Alive Vol. 14

by The Derision Cult

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I Found a Way I Found a Way I Found a Way to Get Clean Again It Don't Betray It Don't Betray It Don't Betray what I put in So Come What May So Come What May So Come What May Much to Your Chagrin This is a Goodbye Self Destruction Zones We Will Multiply We Will Cut to the Bone This New Device This New Device This New Device Makes Me Feel Again Your Sacrifice Your Sacrifice You'd Give It All Away Just to Pull That Pin I Killed the News Today and Re-Arranged Myself Nothing Changed Today I Still Feel Like Hell We Go Round and Round Nobody's Gonna Get Out I've Heard it All Before and Still Got the Same Old Doubts


We live in unprecedented times. As we struggle to adjust to the new realities brought on by the pandemic, we're bombarded with a media industry that has been trained on generating as much of an emotional reaction from you as possible. Man Alive is a commentary on the impact a shock-media culture has on a world that is going through a global crisis. They don't want you to think they want you feel...because feelings sell. News does not. Now more than ever, it's critical we act as our own filters for what is true and what is designed to push our buttons and elicit reactions. In some cases, our lives literally depend on it. From the opening salvo of Man Alive- which deals with how we transition from "normal life" to the new reality to Domino- which explores the seeds we've sewn leading up to this event and how we need to change, I really wanted to keep this as apolitical as possible. Media social engineering us is not a bipartisan issue. It comes from every side. It sews chaos where we have too much already, it creates false hope, and more importantly it divides us when we should be united. Where we go from here remains to be seen but I'm certain things will never be the same.


released April 30, 2020

Co-Mixing: Sam Buck.




The Derision Cult Chicago, Illinois

West Chicago Metal Industrial project by Dave McAnally out of South Street Dungeon. Songs of our times!

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